Google’s Answer To Apple iTunes

Google the great web giant just in this monday bought an music sync company called Push Life. This is been found that Google motive to acquire this company is kind od an mystery at the first time. Then after some research it is found that Google acquired this company to challenge Apple’s giant the iTunes. Click Here To Read The Full Article.

Tired Of Downloading At Slow Speeds? This Freeware Will Help You

Are you one of the peoples who download all night or tired of downloading files from congested servers? Well this freeware will help you. Download Accelerator Plus: This one of freeware that comes from the developers of Speedbit. They give solution to all types of downloading and upload file formats. In Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) Click Here To Read The Full Article.

Google Introduces Gesture Recognition To Gmail Interface – GMail Motion

Google introduces a new feature that accepts human body language (in other words gestures) as accessing key to gmail. Google in it’s blog pins a statement as follows, In 1874 the QWERTY keyboard was invented. In 1963, the world was introduced to the mouse. Some 50 years later, we’ve seen the advent of microprocessors, high Click Here To Read The Full Article.

Microsoft’s Free Anti-Virus Software That Actually Works

Well is your looking for an clean check up of your PC HDD and you want it for free without losing credibility you might wanna check Microsoft security essentials. It is both Anti-virus and an  Anti-malware program as well. It provides real-time protection to your computer that means it will warn you about the program Click Here To Read The Full Article.

Planning To Live In Another Country? You Might Wanna Check This.

If you are the type of person that is planning to live in another country due to some reasons, you guys must check This website actually gives you an comparison chart with your current country that your living in and the country that you want to live in. It gives statistics on Job opportunity, Click Here To Read The Full Article.

Apple’s iPad Was An Original Idea Of Bill Gates

Apple’s hit tablet the iPad was originally an idea of Microsoft founder Bill Gates. It really started in the year 2007 at the D5 conference were Steve Jobs of Apple Corp. and Bill Gates of Microsoft was interviewed at the same time, same stage at that occasion. During the interview the interviewer asked Bill Gates Click Here To Read The Full Article.