Free websites with .in Domain For Indians – By Google and HostGator

Google recently launched a program called “IndiaGetOnline” in association with Hostgator. With this program you get a free website with a .in domain name for one year. You can make a professional looking websites using drag and drop features provided by Google. You will have a complete control over the domain you getting through this Click Here To Read The Full Article.

Google’s Augmented Reality Glasses – Project Glass

Google recently revealed one of its futuristic work of its augmented reality glasses, officially named as ‘Project Glass’. So far, this project is developed in secret Google lab called Google X. Earlier in past week (Apr, 4) Google revealed it’s intriguing project on the Project Glass’s Google Plus Page. Until now this is the first and only Click Here To Read The Full Article.

Google & Microsoft Pays It’s Users For Sharing Browsing Details

Google’s new program ‘Screenwise’ pays it’s users who using Chrome and are willing to share their browsing details with Google by installing a typical Chrome extension. The payment is in the form of Amazon Gift cards, while still Amazon is not partnering in this. It has became a debatable topic that Google introduces this program Click Here To Read The Full Article.

IPv4 Is Running Out and Soon To Be Gone, This Is Time For IPv6

IPv4 address exhaustion is the exhaustion of pool of unallocated IPv4 addresses. These address spaces are managed by IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) under this five RIRs (Regional Internet Registries) are responsible managing IP address space in their corresponding territories. Among the five RIRs, ‘Asia-Pacific’ depleted all of its IP address space on April 15th, Click Here To Read The Full Article.