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I bought my Moto X (2013 version, Asia Version, Carrier decoupled) in mid of 2014. Since owning my first android phone I’ve rooted them soon after the warranty expires. Warranty…

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Google recently introduced a feature to Google Docs called ‘Voice Typing’. If you are using ‘Google Now’ in android phones, then surely you know that Google has a wonderful speech to…

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It is difficult to sustain and meet out the energy demand of this blooming world, that needs more than millions of megawatt for a day to complete. Especially it is…

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Buck Buck is a high performance build system for Android that encourages creation of small, reusable modules consisting of code and resources. Because Android applications are predominantly written in Java,…

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Browsers hold many sensitive information of ours, especially if it is installed in our personal computers/laptops. We need to secure these information from others. So before sharing your device to…

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