IBM’s 5 in 5–Giving Senses To Computers

‘”5 in 5”, does it make any sense? No??. Actually it gives sense. Recently IBM announced the future of cognitive computing, i.e. equipping computers/smart-phones with 5 senses with in 5 years from now. In short 5 in 5. Those 5 senses were obviously Sight Touch Hearing Smell Taste What would happen if the computers can Click Here To Read The Full Article.

What Else You Can Do In GMail?

World’s largest email service provider GMail has many more intriguing things around it which you might not heard before. These are experimental new features of GMail brought you through ‘GMail Labs‘. This post might not suit for people who access their mail through ‘e-mail clients’. As already said, these are experimental features, but works good (at Click Here To Read The Full Article.

4 Ways To Enhance Your Browsing Speed In Google Chrome

Google’s Chrome, the browser which has the largest market share in browser usage. Here are some suggestions that makes browsing even faster for you in fastest browser. 1. Omni Bar search, Shortcuts, Gesture Control Using the Omni bar (URL Bar) for searching, saves few seconds took by the search page to load. Using Keyboard Shortcuts and Click Here To Read The Full Article.

Try Windows Phone 7 Online – Interactive Demo/Emulator

After hearing lots of talk over internet on Microsoft’s latest astonishing mobile OS called Windows Phone 7 named ‘Mango’, many of them were just curious to try it, especially its Metro UI (user Interface). It’s new, We don’t have any idea how it feels when we use it, We don’t know how it will do, Click Here To Read The Full Article.