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Facebook Magically Resolves Numbers To Names

Recently I found an interesting thing in facebook. While commenting on posts or writing on wall post, type any number in a below given format, you can see that number part changes to some name randomly after posting it. For example, if I type-in @[4:0] on the comment box of any post or in my status update, I can see the particular part changes in to name ‘Mark Zuckerberg’, who is the founder of facebook.

I tried the next number @[5:0], it gives the name ‘Chris Hughes’, co-founder of facebook. And now I tried with random numbers like @[12345:0], @[54321:0] and so on, every number gives back me a name on the particular post or comment posted. Try the magic yourself in Facebook.

Later, I was curious to know why is this happening. No straight forward answers from Google and Wikipedia. It says it just resolves the number to a name. Here is what it means. Every user in facebook (for each account if the user has more than one account) has a user ID in the form of unique number. The user ID increments by 1 for the next newly signing up user in time basis. So the first member ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ has the user ID as number ’4′, I don’t what happened to the numbers 1,2,3 may be those are for testing or trail purpose when the facebook was in its infancy.

Everyone has their unique number in facebook that can be changed to their name when it is posted in facebook. So for me, the number is ’625105409′, this means I am the six hundred twenty-five million one hundred five thousand four hundred ninth member to join in facebook when I signed up for a account. If I type-in @[625105409:0] in any comment, it will change to ‘Sakthi Tharan’ (Yes, It’s my name).

Here’s the way how you can find your unique number in facebook. Go to facebook home page after login, try to see the source code of the page ( use shortcut “ctrl + u” in firefox, chrome ). Now you can able to locate your number in third or fourth line of the source code. The line typically looks like


In this you can able to find your number, in the above example, yes 625105409 is the number of the user. Now try to find yours and show the magic to your friends.