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Panono – The Panoramic Ball Camera

Panono is a gadget has 36 high resolution cameras compactly fitted in a ball facing all the direction.  This camera automatically takes the picture at the highest point when it is tossed in the air.  It has a highest resolution of 108 Mega Pixel spread all over the panoramic image. Soon after it takes the picture it will be sent to the smartphone paired to it. You can visualize the photo in pano effect by changing the orientation of your smart device.  Panono is still in its infancy, expected to reach market in September 2014 and it is not going to be cheap. The price will be around half grand US dollars.

List of Android Apps To Increase Your Productivity

Once again a post on android apps. Now I came up with a list of apps that increases your overall productivity. Just the name of the app is suffice, as the ‘Play Store’ has all the description, review, comments for the each app. I have been using most of these apps for long time. Here’s the list.

Productivity Apps

  • Evernote with Skitch [ Note Taking ]
  • Any Do [ Task Manager, Reminder ]
  • CamScanner [ Convert camera captured physical documents in to pdf ]
  • SketchBook [ a Photoshop alternate for android ]
  • QR droid
  • Keep [ Google's new note taking app ]
  • Truecaller [ Tells who is calling you even if they are not in your contact list ]
  • Swift Key/A.I. Type [ Intelligent keyboard apps ]
  • GForms [ Submit data to Googe spreadsheet/forms ]
  • Drive/SkyDrive/
  • Office Suite Pro
  • Translate

Automation – From the previous article

  • Tasker / Automate It
  • Locale
  • Juice Defender
  • Quiet Balance
  • Auto SMS & Answering Machine

Other Apps

  • Flipboard / Currents
  • Speed Test
  • Hide It Pro [ locks apps, gallery, messages etc ]
  • Debt Tracker [ money tracking app ]
  • Goggles [ image search app ]
  • Astro File Manager

The list doesn’t end here. I will definitely come with some more additions to this list as I still looking for best apps to server each purpose. As I already said, this list is based upon my experience, you may share your favorite apps in the comments section.

Few Apps For Android Automation

In your daily life, you have to do many repeated things with your android phone from changing your ringer to vibration mode when entering in to office, switching on wi-fi when you came back to home, switch on your GPS when you need to open a map, while somebody calls, you have to send a ‘call you later’ message when attending a meeting, adjust your screen brightness, screen lock time, switch on/off your network connection in order to save your battery, likewise the list grows.

Automating these tasks will greatly increases your productivity. These jobs are done automatically without or with very less human intervention you get the following apps in your android phone.

1. Locale (Premium)

Locale is one of the best intelligent location based profile changer app in the android market. It requires to mark your place like home, office in the map and need to define the profile for those places. That’s all, all the other things will be taken care by Locale. Based on many factors like wi-fi hotspot, Network’s Cell IDs, etc are used  to find your position.

2. Juice Defender (Free & Premium)

Juice Defender is a battery saver app, it intelligently turns on your wi-fi, network for internet connectivity and switches off when it is not needed (when the screen is off). And it periodically allows to connect to internet for syncing apps to update mail inbox, weather widgets etc. Sometimes you don’t want certain apps (like gaming apps) to connect to internet, and for some apps you want them to be always in connection (like internet messaging apps), these will be achieved seamlessly with Juice Defender. Juice Defender is available as Juice Defender Free, Juice Defender Plus, Juice Defender Ultimate. For me JD Plus is doing much more than I want it to.

3. Tasker (Premium) and Automate It (Free & Premium)

‘Tasker’ provides nearly endless way to automate your android phone. But it itself doesn’t have any bit of intelligence. You need to configure everything. Yes, tasker has the capability to sense almost every small bit of change in your phone and also has the capability to make almost all (if your phone is rooted) changes from changing your phone’s wallpaper to changing the CPU’s frequency.

‘Automate It’ is a more simplified yet more powerful form of ‘Tasker’. For those who don’t want to fall under the long learning curve of ‘tasker’ can easily cope up easily with ‘Automate It’.

4. Quiet Balance (Free)

‘Quiet Balance’ is a simple message-filtering utility app, which filter the USSD messages (the annoying messages shows internet usage, call balance after call and message balance after a message sent). When I say filtering, you can configure how the filtering should be.

5. Auto SMS (Free & Premium) and Answering Machine (Free)

From the app’s name you can understand what these apps are for. Though the SMS auto reply for incoming SMSs and phone calls can be achieved by making a small profile in ‘tasker’ or ‘automate it’ (GoSMS also has the auto reply feature), ‘Auto SMS’ is little more convenient a dedicated app for auto replying than other methods.

Answering Machine – is one of the best of its kind in the market. This app holds all the functionality of the real answering machine.

Other than these apps there are few more good apps are available in Play store, but the only reason I recommending these apps is because of the experience I had in the past. Try these apps yourself, for the premium apps like Locale, Tasker, what I could say is ‘it’s worth the money’.

Try Windows Phone 7 Online – Interactive Demo/Emulator

After hearing lots of talk over internet on Microsoft’s latest astonishing mobile OS called Windows Phone 7 named ‘Mango’, many of them were just curious to try it, especially its Metro UI (user Interface). It’s new, We don’t have any idea how it feels when we use it, We don’t know how it will do, when we hold it on our hands. To know that, we don’t have to afford for a new phone, for the sake of trying its interface and look. Microsoft planted a online based interactive demo on its website for those who want to try it, before buying it.

The demo is quite interactive, which seems to resemble a emulator, but it is not. It demonstrates some of the features that might help you to understand the interface better. Not all the features are functioning, but some of them like adding a calendar entry, adding a mail account (predefined account) and some more. This is just to demonstrate how the interface works. As it is online based and runs on browser, you can try this in your mobile browser, this gives you a feel that you are using windows phone until you reach the limitation boundary of this demo.

The demo performs better in desktop based browsers, it succeeds in delivering all the graphical effects concerned to the user interface. Those who are new to Metro UI can experience and learn the way how it works. The interactive demo also guides with a green dot and green swipe symbols to show the new users clickable areas which shows them the new feature and swipe direction. Note that, this is online JavaScript based demo, the real windows phone works far better than this, while the graphics are even more eye catchy and feel were even more feather touchy.

Windows Phone Demo Page on Microsoft’s site, If you are using mobile phone to view this, the demo may or may not appear based on your phone’s capability.

Ubuntu Desktop Runs On Android Phones

Canonical, the backbone of Ubuntu OS lately announced a new concept which transforms an android phone in to a complete ubuntu Desktop when it is docked. Docked in sense, connected to a bigger display, keyboard and mouse. As most of the other major details about this is not yet disclosed by canonical, it is unknown that the docking also extends for speakers, microphone and other extensions.

In a dual core android phone, ubuntu runs concurrently on the processor with android in different cores at different run times. This is possible because both android and ubuntu uses same kernel. The  shared applications runs in the two different platforms are tightly coupled using a convergence API module, this helps sharing of data between the same application running in the two different environment namely the desktop and mobile environment.

Lets take a scenario, you browsing in your android mobile and checking your gmail in another tab while roaming outside, now your getting back to your home and connect your phone to the dock with bigger screen, keyboard, mouse and other utils. What happens now is the magic, ubuntu boots up seamlessly in your bigger screen and now you can continue your browsing in the desktop environment either in chrome or firefox which comes default with ubuntu. Even after connected to the dock you can access your contacts, messages and other phonely things like calling, messaging through your desktop interface. Nice ahh!

Okay now time for the limitations. As the minimal requirement for the implementation is 1 Ghz Dual core processor, that is sufficient for some basic desktop operations, but when it comes multitasking it is not performing to the expectation. Opening few tabs on chromium browser results in slowdown. Ubuntu claims that performance limitations only depends on hardware factors like memory resources and processor capabilities.

In my view,when the mobile phone manufacturers improves the processing capabilities for android phones, then we can expect a acceptably complete functional Desktop over a tiny android device, until then this concept stays experimental. Over the past decade smart phones are grown to this level of performance and it is sure that they are going to accommodate the powers of multiple desktops sooner.  Who knows? at that time these smart phones may replaces all the PCs and Desktops in our home.

For more info, visit Ubuntu site at

The Next iPhone Is Not The 5, It’s The 4S!

Well Apple new CEO unveiled his first product for the company on October 4th, and it is an iPhone. Everyone including us was speculating for an revelutionary change in the phone but Apple just went into the next edition of  iPhone 4 the iPhone 4S. When the conference ended everyone was hoping there was more but all our thoughts went in vain. FOX NEWS just said ” We don’t want an another iPhone 4 ” and that was the saying of all other visitor and fans of Apple.

iPhone 5: Phil Schiller introduces the iPhone 4S

But clearly on the bright side Apple went guns blazing on the techie side of the product from it’s predecessor. And yes we do get an Dual Core A5 processor in the iPhone 4S. Well Samsung reign is in an wobbly shape after this. The new phone also gets an revamped iOS and it is the iOS 5. There are too much changes to this phone but its all technical. It is an new phone with an old form factor.

The iPhone 4S releases on Oct 14th, one day earlier from what we stated. And pre-ordering starts on Oct 7th. For more updates follow us on facebook and twitter. If you want to follow me as well!/Sudharshan_Hi5 .

Apple’s iPhone 5 Unveiling On October 4th 2011

Its been the most highly anticipated topic search on for months. And it is finally happening on Tuesday October 4th 2011. Apple sent out many invites to people all over the world. In the invite it has four icons, one is an calendar icon marking the date when function is about to be held. Second it is the clock icon which is set on 10:00 AM PST, which is the time it will air. The third is an GPS map icon shows where the event is going to be held at their Coopertino HQ. The fourth and final one is an call icon “Which indicates the number 1 on the top” tell us only one phone that they are going to show. Well the last was our guessing.

Previously we got an information that two iPhones are releasing like super high-end iPhone 5 and an mid-end iPhone 4s or lite. But certainly we are not sure about the Number 1 on top but we will find it out on Oct 4th.

And before anyone say Apple might be releasing their iPhone in market by Oct 15th 2011 itself. Our guess two phones will be unveiled and only one might be releasing on Oct 15th. To know for sure lets wait till Oct 4th. We will keep posting what happens and do follow us on twitter and facebook. And if you guys want to follow me on twitter click here.

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Windows 8 The Next Windows Is Announced!

Good news for all Windows users and Microsoft fans. The next installment of Windows Operating System ” Windows 8 ” successor of currently available Windows 7.

The new Windows OS now have over-hauled its GUI to something more of an Tablet or Gaming console GUI. Well this is an great move? Well, Yes it is specifically for Tablets and its really been promising. I wish this OS will merge the distance between the PC and Tablets. This new OS is now being demonstrated only on Tablets so an PC version of this OS is not shown yet.

There is also some rumor that this UI will come to the PC version with the help of Microsoft Console sibling the Kinect camera. If that comes it will be soo easy for some Users who don’t have any OS working knowledge.

This is an great step by Microsoft but if they sacrifice all the customizing options on PC. Well this is an utter disaster. Do tell us your thought below by commenting and do follow me on twitter!/Sudharshan_Hi5

Next Generation Gaming Consoles Are In Developement!

Well guys we have been hearing for a while in the about Nintendo’s new console successor to the Wii. It is also been given the name Project Cafe, we ourselves have done some overview in the past. Back then the release dates were not clear, well now Nintendo says it will be released on spring 2012.

Well, when the most selling console company is off the mark saying that they are bringing the next console; Well its rivals Microsoft and Sony also gave up some details of it.

Sony actually revealed the successor to the PlayStation 3 is currently in development at its company’s investor meeting .

Executive vice president and chief financial officer Masaru Kato was asked to explain the rising research and development costs for the company’s fiscal year. “In the game segment, we have the NGP to launch later this year. So we have development expenses to be incurred for this product,” he explained.

“For the home console, the PS3 still has a product life, but this is a platform business, so for the future platform when we will introduce the product I cannot discuss but development work is underway, so the costs are incurred there.”

Meanwhile, Microsoft began hiring for its “next generation console” this past March. No official words from Microsoft thought.

So people start gathering money in your ” Piggy Bank’s”, In E3 we might see some new consoles.

Do tell us your thought on next-gen Gaming Consoles and follow us on twitter and personally you guys can follow me on twitter for some knowledge sharing and other fun stuff!/Sudharshan_Hi5.

iPhone 5 Debut’s On September!

Apple just slightly told us that they were going to release the next-gen iPhone in sometime in 2011. But now we have an release date that it is off-course its September. Still there is no news on what we are expecting from Apple, yet we can never wish of Apple giving us flash support. But still this product makes us exciting after some controversies that it went over the ” Network Coverage problem”. The iPhone 4 was an piece of art in the modern World technology, whether you love or hate it. Will iPhone 5 will be as good looking as its predecessor? Well in September we will surely know about it.

The iPhone 5 come with Apple’s A5 processor and the iOS4 is now upgraded to iOS5. Apple also promised that due to the new powerful processor the battery life will not decrease and the iPhone will have the same 10hour battery life or even more. Due to the more powerful processor at hand Apple is now going for some 4G support. Yet 4G is in its early stages I doubt they would put this into it. What the heck anyway they would put it in iPhone 6. And Apple would be very keen on its slim factor and do some ways to make the battery thin because the processor is kinda power hungry. I’m sure that the next iPhone will be thinner and it would really have an bigger screen than iPhone 4.

Well these are the information that we got. If you guys have more information on this do tell us and share it with us by commenting below.