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Super Control Panel on Windows

Windows, the OS that dominates the mass by its largest user base. Though the settings in any version of windows were spread in different areas across the OS. Mainly ‘Control Panel’ holds all the settings options, but not everything. This simple trick will reveal all the possible settings of Windows OS you can change from single place. Curious?? Here is it.

  1. Create a ‘New Folder’ in your desktop.
  2. Rename it with the following.

Now, you can see the folder icon is changed in to ‘Control Panel’ icon and the folder name is changed to ‘SuperControlPanel’. Open the link, ta da, you got your Super Control Panel…. Great right!?

You can have this link in any name just by replacing ‘SuperControlPanel’ to anything of your liking. Other than Vista 64 bit edition, this trick works charmingly in all version of Windows.

Browsing In Public Computers? How To Bookmark Online

This is simple trick for begginers. You can skip to next paragraph if you know what bookmark is. Bookmarking helps us to save/organize the link of a page that contains  helpful information while we browsing through and access it in the future. If you have your own computer(PC), then you can just bookmark the page in your browser, by clicking the “star” in the right side or the URL bar (where you type the address like ‘’) and can access it anytime.

What if we want to bookmark something when we are in a public computer (say public library, college, etc ).  I would like to share one solution (out of many) using Google Bookmarks. You can access your online bookmark here (You have to login with your gmail credintials). You can bookmark any of the page you browsing and that will be stored in cloud and you can access it anywhere.

 How To Bookmark?

This link will help you

In short, drag this link (click the link, hold, move it towards the bookmark bar, and release it) Book Mark This Page, If you can’t find your bookmark bar, first enable the view of bookmark bar.

Now whenever you want to bookmark a page, just click the link. A pop up will come to the view, add up the details, click save. Thats all. Don’t forget to “Sign Out” if your browsing session is over. Soon after you get signed out, no one can access your bookmark on that public computer.

Erase Your Lost Device’s Data Using New ‘Android – Device Manager’

Google added up a feature to its Android Device Manager. So far I used this Web interfaced Android Device Manager for finding my misplaced phone in indoors. With a click of a button from this ADM page my phone makes a loudest sound that it can make from a place where I left it and forgot.

Fortunately I lost it inside my home doors. What if I lost it somewhere else? or what if it is stolen by someone/thief? Sorry to say, it just going to do the same things, rung and if you i am enough to left the internet connection ‘on’ it will give its location. What else you can expect? thief’s name?

In those cases I may not able to seize my phone back, but it would nice if the sensitive information in the phone is secured. Here is the new option you get from Android Device Manager. Either you can change the screen lock code, so that the person who took won’t have access to your data, else you can completely wipe phone’s data. That is a complete factory reset, triggered remotely.

This is to work perfect, your phone is needed to be connected to internet. I guess, even though it is not connected to internet when you trigger the process remotely, it will execute in device soon after it is connected.

Source : Google Support

This definitely going to raise some privacy concern, but no one is going to deny this feature. I prefer trusting Google’s service in this rather losing my data to some thief.

How To Manage Your Multiple Network Connection Settings In One Click

Wherever we go, we want to be connected to the internet. Smartphones are always connected to the internet through cell network. Unlike smartphones, laptops (or of it’s kind) need to be connected through WiFi AP, LAN, VPN etc etc.

Whenever switching between these network involves change in configurations. For example, In home you may have to use DHCP to assign the IP automatically, but in another place, say your office, there you need to switch to static IP, and connecting to LAN may need another configuration. The usual way to handle this is going to control panel, network settings and then configuring.

The problem lies in here is, you have to do this configuration often. Here is the wonderful solution I wish to share. Actually the wonderfulness lies in the simplistic steps involved in changing the settings, in other words with couple of clicks. NetSetMan is the software which makes it possible.

Once configured, you can change to the desired setting whenever you want to. NetSetMan for Windows resides in notification area (system tray), just by clicking it and choosing a predefined setting, you can connect to your new network in few seconds.

Most of you need this. try it.

An April Fool Prank App For Android

While searching for some app (couldn’t remember) I came across this app called ‘eye’ – Eye Tracking Prank App’. Though the app name includes the word ‘prank app’ instead of loosing interest, it actually kindles my fire of temptation to see what it is, what actually it does and how?

Immediately before hitting the “Install” button, my eyes hovered over the reviews of the app, saw very few reviews claiming that this app as wonderful (the reviews often this kind of prank apps have). Installed. Want to know what happened after? I don’t want to spoil the surprise, install it yourself on your android and enjoy.


Windows 8 – Tweaking Tools

It’s been quite a while since I’ve started enjoying Windows 8 on my PC. Plethora of Windows 8 reviews by many critics and reviewers are available on web, so I think there’s no need of yet another review here. But I want to tell one thing here. Reviews are always a view of a person, it’s purely based on the reviewer’s perspective, not yours. So give Windows 8 a try, it’s really worthy. 

Coming to the point, Windows 8 is more customizable than its predecessors, but still some of them are inaccessible or requires change in ‘Registry’. Though its a long process (and little difficult for naive users) when compared to Windows default custom options, registry editing unleashes the hidden power and more than thousands of possibilities of Windows customization.

Not everyone feels comfortable with the windows registry editing method. For those who need a GUI (Graphical User Interface) kind of editing for doing those tweaks, here is a site which hosts hundreds of useful, small software’s. More importantly it’s free.

When Google-d for a registry tweak to change some features of my start screen  (yes,in Metro UI) animations, I found this “Start Screen Animations Tweaker”. Here’s the Entire List of Tweakers hosted by WinAero.

Firefox Based New Tiny OS – Simple Light and Fast

Microsoft trying to achieve the faster booting times in upcoming Windows 8 (on i7, 2nd generation processor with 8 GB RAM) while browser based OS Google Chrome (Chromium Project) claims that they already achieved, There is a new OS jumped in to this arena named ‘xPUD’ which is again a browser based OS based on the popular browser Firefox integrated with Linux. The difference is xPUD can provide the faster boot even in older hardwares. xPUD boots inl ess than 10 seconds, some users claim under 5 seconds.

Other than the fast booting, xPUD has other advantages. It is very light while running and in size. Surprisingly the image of xPUD’s current version 0.9.2 is around 45 MB and it only requires 64 MB of free hard disk space to install it. So xPUD becomes primary choice of OS for portable devices as it has limitations for the storage space. Another great advantage of this OS is it has it’s own App Center, but it has very few apps for now, we can expect more in the future but not for sure. So far the apps supporting are OpenOffice, DropBox, Skype, codecs for media playing and some extra utilities.

Coming to the interface of the OS, it is very simple having one window for all with 4 activity based tabs. Apps and programs are scattered among these tabs. There is no task bar to see the running applications. Mozilla’s Firefox and its gecko engine is the default browser to experience the web.

xPUD can be used by anyone and has nothing great to explore in it except the simplicity and lightness. You can not use this OS for more than browsing the web and some basic media experiences. So it can’t be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ but it can be a obvious choice for the portable OS options ( pen drive OS ). It works better than Chrome except chrome has lots of applications.

Download and Try xPUD yourself, try running on virtual machine using VMware or Virtual Box or any other player of your choice. Install it in your device’s partition only if you satisfied on VMs.

Ubuntu Desktop Runs On Android Phones

Canonical, the backbone of Ubuntu OS lately announced a new concept which transforms an android phone in to a complete ubuntu Desktop when it is docked. Docked in sense, connected to a bigger display, keyboard and mouse. As most of the other major details about this is not yet disclosed by canonical, it is unknown that the docking also extends for speakers, microphone and other extensions.

In a dual core android phone, ubuntu runs concurrently on the processor with android in different cores at different run times. This is possible because both android and ubuntu uses same kernel. The  shared applications runs in the two different platforms are tightly coupled using a convergence API module, this helps sharing of data between the same application running in the two different environment namely the desktop and mobile environment.

Lets take a scenario, you browsing in your android mobile and checking your gmail in another tab while roaming outside, now your getting back to your home and connect your phone to the dock with bigger screen, keyboard, mouse and other utils. What happens now is the magic, ubuntu boots up seamlessly in your bigger screen and now you can continue your browsing in the desktop environment either in chrome or firefox which comes default with ubuntu. Even after connected to the dock you can access your contacts, messages and other phonely things like calling, messaging through your desktop interface. Nice ahh!

Okay now time for the limitations. As the minimal requirement for the implementation is 1 Ghz Dual core processor, that is sufficient for some basic desktop operations, but when it comes multitasking it is not performing to the expectation. Opening few tabs on chromium browser results in slowdown. Ubuntu claims that performance limitations only depends on hardware factors like memory resources and processor capabilities.

In my view,when the mobile phone manufacturers improves the processing capabilities for android phones, then we can expect a acceptably complete functional Desktop over a tiny android device, until then this concept stays experimental. Over the past decade smart phones are grown to this level of performance and it is sure that they are going to accommodate the powers of multiple desktops sooner.  Who knows? at that time these smart phones may replaces all the PCs and Desktops in our home.

For more info, visit Ubuntu site at

Apple’s Co-Founder Steve Jobs Died At The Age Of 56

According to a statement released by Apple this Oct 5th, co-founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs has died.

The statement is as follows:

Statement by Apple’s Board of Directors

CUPERTINO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–We are deeply saddened to announce that Steve Jobs passed away today.

Steve’s brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve.

His greatest love was for his wife, Laurene, and his family. Our hearts go out to them and to all who were touched by his extraordinary gifts.

The company has replaced with the image above and created a page where fans can email the company, sharing their thoughts and condolences.

May the great visionary in technologies Rest In Peace.

Courtesy: ign

Windows 8 The Next Windows Is Announced!

Good news for all Windows users and Microsoft fans. The next installment of Windows Operating System ” Windows 8 ” successor of currently available Windows 7.

The new Windows OS now have over-hauled its GUI to something more of an Tablet or Gaming console GUI. Well this is an great move? Well, Yes it is specifically for Tablets and its really been promising. I wish this OS will merge the distance between the PC and Tablets. This new OS is now being demonstrated only on Tablets so an PC version of this OS is not shown yet.

There is also some rumor that this UI will come to the PC version with the help of Microsoft Console sibling the Kinect camera. If that comes it will be soo easy for some Users who don’t have any OS working knowledge.

This is an great step by Microsoft but if they sacrifice all the customizing options on PC. Well this is an utter disaster. Do tell us your thought below by commenting and do follow me on twitter!/Sudharshan_Hi5