Best To Do Management App For Android


Today we use smartphone to assist our various tasks. Our day to day productivity can be improved for sure if we harness the power of smartphones. The apps cover in playstore under the category ‘Productivity’ holds plethora of apps. Among them I am going to recommend some apps for managing your TO-DOs. For those who […]

Super Control Panel on Windows

Windows, the OS that dominates the mass by its largest user base. Though the settings in any version of windows were spread in different areas across the OS. Mainly ‘Control Panel’ holds all the settings options, but not everything. This simple trick will reveal all the possible settings of Windows OS you can change from […]

An April Fool Prank App For Android

While searching for some app (couldn’t remember) I came across this app called ‘eye’ – Eye Tracking Prank App’. Though the app name includes the word ‘prank app’ instead of loosing interest, it actually kindles my fire of temptation to see what it is, what actually it does and how? Immediately before hitting the “Install” […]