How To Track Your E-Mails – Find When It Is Read


E-Mails has become the most common way to communicate with people today and official way too. As like most text based communication methods emails do show whether it’s delivered or not. Another post on alvistor discusses Scheduling E-Mails. But there is no option that shows whether it is read by the recipient or not. Getting […]

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Convert Image/PDF/Scanned Documents to Text/Word Document with Google Drive

Ever you tried to convert a scanned or cam captured document(.jpg, .pdf, .gif, etc) in to a text/word (editable) document. This can be achieved with the technique called OCR (Optical Character Recognition). You might have come across various pdf to word, image to word conversion online services and software. Some may work well, but here […]

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How To Manage Your Multiple Network Connection Settings In One Click

Wherever we go, we want to be connected to the internet. Smartphones are always connected to the internet through cell network. Unlike smartphones, laptops (or of it’s kind) need to be connected through WiFi AP, LAN, VPN etc etc. Whenever switching between these network involves change in configurations. For example, In home you may have […]

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