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Sakthi Tharan S is the guy behind alvistor.com. He writes under various topic not limited to technology, web designing, web development, android development and other non technical areas.

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alvistor.com serves no purpose more than sharing wonderful knowledge that its authors have learnt from their experience. Most of the articles written here were based on the writer’s experience or after a effective research, to make it as a great knowledge source for the readers. alvistor.com have no intention to provide particular information or to support particular products or services. To our best, all the information found in alvistor.com are accurate. alvistor.com is continuously striving to feed you with information/knowledge that never fails to excite you.

If you want to get in touch with the founder of this blog please use this tharansakthi[at]gmail.com (or) tharansakthi[at]alvistor.com

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