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Watch Youtube videos without buffering in slow internet connections

Written by Sakthi Tharan

Youtube videos are bandwidth hungry. The bandwidth saviors like the limited buffering, automatic quality setting irritates. Recently I switched to Railwire from BSNL for the sake of larger bandwidth. Now enjoying more than 20 mb/s through FTTH, Fiber To The Home. But not all of us has the privilege of fast internet, especially in India.

SmartVideo is a chrome extension which will let you to overcome these issues with Youtube videos. It has the ability to buffer the video, either load entire video length or up to a particular extent, like upto some percent. It has the capability to load all your videos in particular quality (resolution). You can set your global preferences for all Youtube videos, that includes embedded videos in other websites.

This cool extension works great with html5 videos. Youtube in Chrome supports that format which allows this extension to work like a charm. Apart from buffering options, it also has a option to choose for looping, loading/buffering videos automatically, buffer even after pausing the video, hide player settings and more.. Shown in below image.

SmartVideo for Chrome – Set of Preferences

Enhance your Youtube experience with this awesome extension. Load it from Chrome Store. Play carefully with the preferences. Otherwise you’ll end up consuming more bandwidth than intended.

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