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Undefeatable Ad-blocker for facebook and websites

Written by Sakthi Tharan

Modern adblockers like ‘Adblock Plus’ (for chrome & firefox) are not a foolproof solution to block the ads served to you. These adblockers scan the html/javascript codes of the website for ads. These ads are found based on the code patterns. That’s why some ads escape the scan by following random code patterns that’s not in the list of adblocker’s.

Some websites are designed smart enough to find whether the adblockers are installed or not? You might have crossed websites that ask you to disable the adblockers with a message.

anti-adblock message

Even some advanced adblocker plugins couldn’t hide the ads in facebook 🙁 . Recently I found a adblocker that works in different way. The way, it looks the page like a human. Not like a machine. Unlike other adblockers, this uses perceptual techniques. Thus called as ‘Perceptual Adblocker’.

This plugin with frequent updates improving gradually, now works better with AdChoice ads and other few more ad types (which usually evade Adblock Plus). What’s better about this is, It works well with facebook ads on timeline.

Instead of abruptly hiding the ads, this plugin overlaps the ad with “THIS IS AN AD” text. Ethically played well with adblocking. I am using this concurrently with AdBlock Plus in Chrome. Gave me appreciable results apart from few random glitches while using certain web chat apps (esp. hangouts).

Chrome plugin – Perceptual Ad Blocker

Chrome plugin – Facebook Specific Ad Blocker


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