Google Play music unlimited for Rs. 89

Written by Sakthi Tharan

Without a fuss, Google silently launched it’s Play Music Unlimited subscription based music streaming service in India. As introductory, it offers the service free for first 30 days. Google played well with the price point. Rs. 89 per month is cheaper than all other options in India. Apple’s streaming priced at Rs. 120 and other local streamers like gaana, saavn offers them for Rs. 99. It is a easy take, if it comes to competition.

Future online streaming service market has much potential than predicted earlier. I can find most of the new Indian artist albums. Thought Google allows to store 50,000 of our own song tracks to upload in cloud under single account, which is hell lot of tracks. So if you can’t find a song in Google library you can upload one to your own library on cloud.

Google known for the intelligent service offerings, the music app predicts which songs you probably want to hear at certain time. Based on location + time + your previous history of listening songs, Google can predict them for you.

When it says unlimited streaming, you can stream unlimited track of songs as long as you’re subscribed. After subscription period, you can’t listen to the songs even if it is downloaded and available offline. Or you have to buy the songs, which is lot costlier than the subscription price. : )

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  • Ajith Srikumar

    Is there any way to access Googe Play Music from India as a Chrome app without giving out my card details? If so, please suggest a hack for it..

  • It is not possible to try it without card details. You can open Pockets account from ICICI and use that card details.. And also you can try it with Airtel Money. Airtel money offers a digital card

  • Ajith Srikumar

    Thanks for the alternate suggestions! 🙂