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Google planning a built in Ad-blocker for Chrome

Written by Sakthi Tharan

According to this Wall Street Journal post Google is planning to release its own version of ad-blocker in Chrome. Ad-blockers aren’t new to browsers, but Google as a advertising company the decision to build an adblocker is bit curious.

Whether Google likes it or not, people installing adblocker to their browsers increasing day by day. Increasing to the level to which Google is forced to pay the company that makes Ad-Blocker Plus to allow few ‘Acceptable Ads’ that served by Adsense (Google’s Advertising unit)

Google’s this move is a paradox. It may seem wrong. But, Chrome with more than 50% of browser market share across the world Google has a chance to control ads displayed over those. Also Google can asses the ads to calculate the page ranks of those websites which super-annoys the users with irritating ads. Altering the pagerank based on this criteria will seriously affect the websites when it comes to search engine listing. This will force the websites to comply the better ad standards by Coalition for Better Ads.

If everything goes as planned, there will be a huge overhaul in this ad publishing industry. Marketing on internet may require a massive paradigm shift and better user experience. As the adblocking tech betters everyday, it is time to change.


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  • Ajith Srikumar

    This is very interesting move by Google, as most of it’s revenue is based on Ads. Anyways, with the advent of AI algorithms, ads nowadays are more keenly crafted to the user and click-baiting, and sometimes useful indeed!