Entrepreneurship is killed by Procrastination

Entrepreneurship killed by procrastination

In this generation, many of us have an aspiration towards becoming an Entrepreneur. Which is a good thought, it will improve our economy and also decrease our world’s unemployment rate drastically. But most of us having only the idea to become an Entrepreneur but not liking the process of becoming one. You guys know why? Because Entrepreneurship is killed by Procrastination.


The process of delaying your work and lying down for without any reason which makes you feel miserable is known as Procrastination. This is considered to be poison in the world of business and every form of work. Procrastination can ruin a phase of your life if you do not realise that you are procrastinating.

Why it kills Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is a culture, it is the holy grail towards the fulfilment of life to some people. It also needs a lot of work, effort, consistency and time to be successful in Entrepreneurship. Mostly you should not take this art (Entrepreneurship) as a joke. We need to take it seriously. The company/business that you create is your baby. You need to shape it and make it into a living entity.

Most Entrepreneurs first go all ahead into their business but once they reach some financial goals suddenly procrastination kicks in. They take vacations and other leisure activities. These will make you feel great at what you might have. But what actually happens is you are settling for mediocrity. This makes you stop innovating and become more and more uninteresting. This will surely get you broke!

So how to stop Procrastinating?

There are X steps to stop procrastinating. They are;

  1. Focus on your goal: You first need to focus on your goal. Some people goals would be to buy a Ferrari or to buy a $5 million dollar Penthouse. Concentrate on it on to procure it. Think about it every day and become motivated by it.
  2. Have a To-do list: Always make a to-do list to organise your day. Make sure that you allow yourself the maximum amount of time to work for you to reach your personal goal.
  3. Follow the Pomodoro Technique: I always stress on following the famous Pomodoro technique. Follow at least 8 sessions per day for your work. This will surely reduce the time for Procrastination.
  4. Stop having guilty pleasures: Stop having guilty pleasures like watching a YouTube video for nothing or playing a video game. Just stop it. This will save you tonnes of time and you will become more and more enjoyable with your work.
  5. Don’t indulge yourself in any distractions:  When doing your work stop having any distractions like going through Facebook, Twitter, Vines, Snapchat and Instagram. Do it only to increase your productivity and exposure.
  6. Surround yourself with high creative people: Please do surround yourself with people who are always on the verge of trying something new. Don’t be with people who are making fun of you or people who thinks mediocrity is what the most that you can achieve in your life.
  7. Start doing exercise: This will not directly increase your productivity and earn money. But it is eventually a proportional factor towards becoming more active and focus eventually.
  8. Stop watching videos on “how to become a millionaire”: Please stop watching the YouTube videos on How to become a millionaire. These are all dumb click baits. I’m shocked that people are still watching those videos. This will mentally trigger you to become lazy and find shortcuts to earn money.
  9. Divert yourself from becoming Lazy: Get into the mood by listening to motivational speeches on success. Concentrate on where you want to be in your life to achieve your dream. This will make you come out of your laziness and start doing your work.

So these are my Tip & Tricks to kill Procrastination. People, please kill procrastination, if you kill it this proportionate toward you lifestyle and happiness. With more and more happier you are you will become more and more innovative. When you become more and more innovative you will truly become a thoroughbred Entrepreneur.

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