AI vs Human – A View – Part 1

Written by Sakthi Tharan

Computers are designed to assist Humans. Most of the works and tasks are delegated to machines but not the thought process. Why the hell AI is to replace human thinking.. Are we so lazy even to think for ourselves. AI may be perfected in few upcoming years..

Intelligence is fed to computers by programming them to be smart. If a system is programmed to acquire knowledge on their own, and has the ability to decide considering more parameters of the situation, with less or no human assistance is termed as Artificial Intelligence system. Though this is not a proper definition, it is what I believe AI is.

The capacity? AI can outrun us. I see AI as a ever-focused, never tired electronic brain. It will be faster, sharper and can process trillions and billions of data per second. But still, it can’t replace the perfect brain. In other words, it is not the replacement for a brain which is not always perfect.

It may function faster than human brain, yet it is not humane. Living by rules? We live by rules.. but we never think by rules.. Imagination should be boundless, but if a AI to be safe and determined, it need to bounded from doing certain things that would be against our interest. So theoretically AI cannot be equated to a human brain. (at least philosophically)

From this point onwards, I going to use the word ‘mind’ instead of ‘brain’. The interlaced thoughts and memories forms the mind. The physical form where these thoughts and memories are in, is brain. The neural network, machine learning which mimics the working method/process of the mind has almost reached a reliable state now. After this many years of research, its apparent. Especially after hearing about IBM’s Watson, Google’s Machine Learning algorithms.

If AI is unleashed, without any bounds and rules. Then what is the goal it has to achieve? The root cause for all thoughts is desire.. One way or in other way desire is the cause for almost all thoughts.. Ego is a by-product of desire to be respected or valued among others. If you say Ego drives you, then I would strongly argue, “No, desire drives us”.

Anything that can think and act, but without any desire unnatural. So it is us, who is going to feed this AI systems with desire, in other words determining their goals. AI systems are supposed to describe their own goals in future. It’s the purpose of their existence, they need to define and describe their own intermediary goals to accomplish one.

to be continued…

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  • No plan to write a series on this, until I start writing. But there’s lot in my mind to share. Part 2 coming soon