AI backed Google’s AutoDraw converts your ugly drawings into Art

Drawing clean sketches hasn’t be so easy ever. Your ugly scribbles can become fine art now with the help of Google’s new app called AutoDraw.

Basically it is like a autocorrect for word. Except it corrects your drawings. Based on your drawings, a ribbon area on top presents you with lot of predictions that resembles your drawing. Of Course, these predictions are prepared by Artificial Intelligent system run on Google servers.

2017-04-14 (3)
Rough hand sketch into fine art

Google says it is experimental, but it have the potential to turn into a full fledged app. It is quite interesting to see these ‘jarvis’ kind of A.I. systems play pictionary game with you.

Experience “AutoDraw” at

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  • Ajith Srikumar

    wow.. I would say this is totally a new level of AI capabilities. totally mind blown.