10 Amazingly Cool Website Tricks

Bored of browsing usual  websites on your browser. Here is the list of  10 amazing websites that can do the ‘unusually’ cool things.

1. Countryless Google

Whenever you type google.com in your browser, it will load your country specific ‘google home page’. (google.co.in, google.fr etc) If you want to skip this redirect, and you want a countryless (no country specific) google search page, then type google.com/ncr (ncr stands for ‘no country redirect’)

2. Magic commands on Google Search

Load google search’s home page on your browser, then type “do a barrel roll” and press enter. Your search page will do a barrel roll literally 🙂 try searching for “askew” too..

Watch a mirror Google site at elgoog.im where everything is mirror-reversed. Also don’t forget to checkout this Google’s gravity.

3. Youtube TV

Bored of normal clumsy youtube interface? Try youtube at youtube.com/TV. This version of youtube is optimized for TV. You can browse through simple arrow keys and enjoy youtube without any ads.. 🙂

4. Destroy the website

Go to kickassapp.com and drag the bookmark to your bookmark bar. Now on any website just click the bookmark, magically now you can destroy the elements of the website with a spaceship in game-cal way. Not understood? The website tells you more clearer. Checkout, it’s really a fun.

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5. Fake Hacking

Want to look like a hacker in sci-fi movies who’s hacking into high security systems? in front of your friends? Just go to one of the websites below and pretend like typing a hacking codes by randomly pressing keys on your keyboard (yes randommmmly). Every key press will simulate a complex hacking code typed in screen, make you look like a fast-typer. Want to end the show? just press ‘Alt’ to show the mission accomplished statement “Access Granted” 😉

6. Fake the update screen

Land on fakeupdate.net, choose one of the updating screen theme based on your operating system version, press ‘F11’ for fullscreen. Now your computer screen fakes the updating process. Easy to fool your peers, right?

7. Fake your Facebook status

simitator.com will help you to forge a facebook status update. Want a FB status with billions of likes and comments from Leonardo Da Vinci to Kim Jong-un? well it is certainly not possible, but you can always fake it here.

8. Crash your friend’s computer or phone

Send this link ” crashsafari.com ” to your friend. Guess what? when he opens the link, his browser will stuck there. Only way to get out of it is to restart/force-close their browser, unfortunately in some cases they have to restart their PC or phone.

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Want to try yourself? click this link -> crashsafari.com . Don’t blame me for broken screen of your devices if you throw it away out of frustration.

9. Down for me? or to everyone?

Facing issues with your favorite websites? If you want to know, the website is down only for you or for everyothers in the world. Check that with this cool website : www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com (Indeed a very long domain, just bookmark it)

10. 10 minute mail

It’s “10 Minute Mail” (yes, it is not a typo mistake). 10MinuteMail is where you get a very temporary mail ID with the lifespan of just 10 minutes. Want to do a email verification in any suspicious sites, use a 10 minute email ID instead of your original mail ID risking spam and privacy issues.

Did we miss anything in the list? Do share it in comments….

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