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Few Apps For Android Automation

In your daily life, you have to do many repeated things with your android phone from changing your ringer to vibration mode when entering in to office, switching on wi-fi when you came back to home, switch on your GPS when you need to open a map, while somebody calls, you have to send a ‘call you later’ message when attending a meeting, adjust your screen brightness, screen lock time, switch on/off your network connection in order to save your battery, likewise the list grows.

Automating these tasks will greatly increases your productivity. These jobs are done automatically without or with very less human intervention you get the following apps in your android phone.

1. Locale (Premium)

Locale is one of the best intelligent location based profile changer app in the android market. It requires to mark your place like home, office in the map and need to define the profile for those places. That’s all, all the other things will be taken care by Locale. Based on many factors like wi-fi hotspot, Network’s Cell IDs, etc are used  to find your position.

2. Juice Defender (Free & Premium)

Juice Defender is a battery saver app, it intelligently turns on your wi-fi, network for internet connectivity and switches off when it is not needed (when the screen is off). And it periodically allows to connect to internet for syncing apps to update mail inbox, weather widgets etc. Sometimes you don’t want certain apps (like gaming apps) to connect to internet, and for some apps you want them to be always in connection (like internet messaging apps), these will be achieved seamlessly with Juice Defender. Juice Defender is available as Juice Defender Free, Juice Defender Plus, Juice Defender Ultimate. For me JD Plus is doing much more than I want it to.

3. Tasker (Premium) and Automate It (Free & Premium)

‘Tasker’ provides nearly endless way to automate your android phone. But it itself doesn’t have any bit of intelligence. You need to configure everything. Yes, tasker has the capability to sense almost every small bit of change in your phone and also has the capability to make almost all (if your phone is rooted) changes from changing your phone’s wallpaper to changing the CPU’s frequency.

‘Automate It’ is a more simplified yet more powerful form of ‘Tasker’. For those who don’t want to fall under the long learning curve of ‘tasker’ can easily cope up easily with ‘Automate It’.

4. Quiet Balance (Free)

‘Quiet Balance’ is a simple message-filtering utility app, which filter the USSD messages (the annoying messages shows internet usage, call balance after call and message balance after a message sent). When I say filtering, you can configure how the filtering should be.

5. Auto SMS (Free & Premium) and Answering Machine (Free)

From the app’s name you can understand what these apps are for. Though the SMS auto reply for incoming SMSs and phone calls can be achieved by making a small profile in ‘tasker’ or ‘automate it’ (GoSMS also has the auto reply feature), ‘Auto SMS’ is little more convenient a dedicated app for auto replying than other methods.

Answering Machine – is one of the best of its kind in the market. This app holds all the functionality of the real answering machine.

Other than these apps there are few more good apps are available in Play store, but the only reason I recommending these apps is because of the experience I had in the past. Try these apps yourself, for the premium apps like Locale, Tasker, what I could say is ‘it’s worth the money’.

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